Another Repair Firm Client

More business this time from the appliance repair firm based in Phoenix in the USA. They chaps at www.appliancerepairofphoenixaz.com got in touch with us.


Extra Business: Arizona Appliance Repair Firm

Who would have thought it. We’ve started getting business all the way from Scottsdale Arizona from an az appliance repair expert company that have been repairing electrical appliances and came across a recurring scenario with the older generation. All of whom had old tapes etc. We’ve now gladly a lot of business simply through word of mouth!


Ceiling Speaker Install

We love everything do to with audio and was genuinely astounded by the service we got from Daniel, who provides custom install speakers for your home. Naturally, I had to spread the word! Dan installs ceiling speakers, bathroom ceiling speakers, kitchen ceiling speakers – the list goes on. They’ve got top brands like Monitor Audio, Q Acoustics etc.

It really is amazing playing an old music tape after it being converted to digital and listening to it throughout the house with our latest ceiling speakers!

Unique Gift Ideas

We’ve got the perfect gift idea that is ideal for those hard to buy for people in your life. Whether it be a friend, aunt, uncle, mother-in-law, loved one? Consider this personalised gift. A thoughtful gift can pose a problem, but what about a unique gift that is truly individual to that person.

Let’s face it, some people have a knack for finding amazing gifts, and others, well simply don’t. Stop buying terrible gift sets and electronic goods unless that person really wants them. Now, if this is a gift for your other half, then you’ve hit the jackpot at DLF Music.